This isn’t the daisy picture I wanted. The one I was taking had the in focus daisy in the bottom right, and then an out of focus one behind it to the top left. Nearly this picture, but not quite. 

But as I focussed on the daisy, a little hand came down. And even though I told him not to, the toddler picked the background daisy. And crawl around as I might on the damp lawn, I couldn’t find another two positioned as beautifully. 

Sigh. So it’s not only weather, light, wind and failing batteries that conspire against me. Two year olds get in on the act too. 

The batteries thing is one of the biggest reasons that I look at other cameras. (Other than all the complaints previously stated about whether I can do what I want to do with this camera.) My Canon Powershot SX110 takes AA batteries. And no matter how expensive a rechargeable I try, they last single figure shots if any. A decent set of non rechargeables might do me a day. But often they struggle to do that if I’m being particularly experimental. If I get around to upgrading, it will be to a camera with a dedicated battery. And a spare. 

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