Another back yard.

We went visiting the other day. Interesting to go picture hunting in someone else’s garden. I couldn’t get the picture of the blossom blowing from the tree – it looked like a blizzard, but shooting motion isn’t something I’ve got into yet.

So instead, I grabbed a picture of this little guy.

bee time

Given how he was moving about, I’m quite pleased with how close I was to focussing on him. I think I just missed though, and got the leaves in front of him. Worth working on I think.

And then some indoor flowers, which have their own challenges. These are stood on a windowsill, so all sorts of reflective surfaces about to complicate things.

I think this is sap beading on the stems, rather than water. It looks like crystals.

beads on a stem

and the flowers themselves are absolutely glorious.

indoor orchid

Delicate and yet somehow strong. I don’t quite know how they manage to combine the effect. Well worth taking some time over composing the shot though.

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