Getting technical with seedheads.

In a friend’s garden the other day, now really beginning to experiment with the settings. So, pretty much full sun, mid to late afternoon, lying on the floor taking repeated pictures of seedheads, just tweaking one setting in between.

We’re at F/3.5 ISO80 and we’re keeping those unchanged. The only change between these three pictures is exposure time.

So this one got 1/1000 second.
fluff 1000th

This one 1/800 second
fluff 800th

And finally, 1/640 second.
fluff 640th

Interesting to see what the differences are. Otherwise unedited, as what I’m looking at here is what the different camera settings can do. I *think* all of this was completely manual, although I get to edit exposure time in Av too, and have been playing around.

Which one do you prefer?

*A note. I’ve added Flattr as a sharing option. It’s not quite a sharing option, it’s a social microdonations site. You load up your account with as little as you like per month, and go round clicking the flattr button. At the end of the month (or whatever the cycle is) what money you had in your account, is divvied out between your clicks. A way to give back to content creators. 🙂

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