Playing with light

So I went out in the back garden yesterday, just as the sun was dropping, and visited my tulip.

And there was a bit of this going on.

tulips evening light

Which I thought was rather good. And I scrambled around and shot it from some slightly different angles, and only gradually realised that I was shooting on manual instead of Av.

Which probably doesn’t seem like an awful lot to you photographers out there, but given a week ago, I couldn’t do the depth of field trick to save my life, I was feeling quite impressed with it.

Now, my Canon Powershot is quite friendly – it has a display on the side that shows you how well you’re balancing everything up. And at the moment, I’m being really technical – keeping the F as low as it will go (which is around F2.8, although sometimes it bottoms out higher – no, I haven’t figured out why yet) and balancing it out with a bit of ISO fiddling and some spinning of the other number. Yeah, like I said, really technical 😉

Anyway, I also took this.

tulips untouched

Which is quite nice, but isn’t quite the right colour balance for what I saw – I guess I wasn’t compensating well enough with my settings for that evening glare. So I’ve had a little fiddle in and now I have this.

tulips touched up

What do we think? Am I getting there?

I don’t want to be doing massive amounts of playing about in editing software, but at the moment everything is a balancing act. I’ll get better yet I think at balancing things on the camera, and maybe I won’t need to touch up too much. But all in all, I’m quite happy with the joint effect there.

2 thoughts on “Playing with light

  1. Looking good Jan 😊. The reason the aperture bumps up a bit sometimes is probably because you are using the zoom a little. It isn’t a fixed aperture lens so it compensates for the zoom by raising the aperture. Capturing sun flare is very desirable in the eyes of some photographers (me included) whilst others try to avoid it or edit it away with contrast enhancements. Personally I like the middle image with a little haze and flare, and a little more detail in the flower, but the colours in your edit are beautifully vibrant and especially as you have only used free software you edit is very pretty . I used a little when I was where you are at now – is a clever little program. More than anything else though Jan, you are obviously having fun. . And that is what matters most 😃

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