Recording beauty.

Or trying to.

flower in rain

I love flowers. And I was trying to get that effect, where the thing you’re looking at is in focus, and the background is fuzzy. So this was using the Av (aperture priority) setting on my Canon PowerShot SX110IS.

There were some other shots.

This one almost worked. The colour isn’t quite right, I’ve tried to tweak, but I don’t think I’m doing it right.

bluebell raindrop

What I need to know is whether it’s worth persevering with the camera I have, or whether I should be saving pennies for something better (a bridge maybe? I can’t see that I would manage to carry a DSLR when I’m dealing with two small children) and just enjoying this one as an excellent point and shoot.

Thoughts? Advice? Camera links? (Ideas on where I raise the money?)

3 thoughts on “Recording beauty.

  1. I get the blurry focus by using macro setting on my Galaxy S3 photo and zooming in. I also read on a blog tutorial about staying far away from the subject and zooming in/focusing on them, which then will slightly blur the background as well.

    I personally would play a bit, get some advice from using your current camera from people in the know, before paying out for a camera you’ll never take out with you.

    (I have a point and shoot Panasonic I love but rarely take out with me, and my mum’s DSLR which I have no idea how to use on manual and is way too big for normal everyday use, so most of my photos are done using my phone).

  2. Hi Jax ~ your Canon Powershot IS a bridge camera and very capable of what you are aiming to achieve. SO, def don’t go buying yourself a new camera. I started out on an earlier model of what you have now and there is SO much you can learn from right where you are! You have made a good start though 😀

    Your bluebells are actually pretty good, with a very shallow depth of field (that’s the name for the look you are going for), – only really the droplet on the petal is in focus. If you’d wanted a bit MORE of the flower in focus you just need to have that aperture a LITTLE higher. I’m not sure what your minimum is (2.0 maybe)… try pushing it up a bit (higher number), stepping back and then using a touch of zoom. In AV the camera will do the rest of the calculations for you.

    I’ll email you some links to sites where you can learn more ~ sites I used to learn almost everything I know!

    When you have fully mastered your Powershot, and are able to use it in full M mode (where you are in full control of the camera and it does NONE of the thinking) with total confidence that you will get the picture you set out for, and then you begin to feel LIMITED by the camera itself (rather than your abilities) THAT is the time for an upgrade..!

    BUT essentially, to get the ‘umph’ in your pictures, you might need to invest in a little bit of editing software (or find something free that you like). I downloaded the 30 day trial of Lightroom 3 (way back), fell in love and decided I couldn’t live without it! BUT as a home-educator you can get the Student and Teacher edition (full version I might add) at fraction of the full-price ~ you just need a proof-of-purchase for something you have bought as a resource!

    What these pictures are lacking is a bit of vibrancy, contrast and clarity (the term is that they look a bit ‘flat’). If you like you can email me these, I’ll edit them and send them back to you so you can see what you have REALLY taken! Not much that you see online that LOOKS professional is SOOC (Straight out of Camera) ~ almost all pictures are enhanced in some way.

    Keep going ~ it’s a wonderful hobby, and a learning curve! 😀

    I’ll email you off blog with the link list and then you can share what you wish 😀

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