A hint of pink.

There’s just a hint of pink to the tips of this daisy’s petals. There are no hints to this marigold. Also known as Mary’s gold, we started growing these after Tim’s stint in the garden’s at Kentwell Hall. The leaves are good for bites, burns and stings, much better than dock leaves. They’re prettier than […]

Papery poppies

We have a selection of ornamental poppies self seeded around the garden. I prefer my poppies red. These ones are pale pale orange, and within minutes, it seems, of them flowering, they fade, and look like bleached orange paper. But I discovered that close up they’re quite striking. You may need to tilt your head. […]

Getting technical with seedheads.

In a friend’s garden the other day, now really beginning to experiment with the settings. So, pretty much full sun, mid to late afternoon, lying on the floor taking repeated pictures of seedheads, just tweaking one setting in between. We’re at F/3.5 ISO80 and we’re keeping those unchanged. The only change between these three pictures […]

Young and old

Something a little different today, reflecting a pensive state of mind. Nature is glorious, but matter of fact. New growth alongside, replacing the old. It’s more difficult to come to terms with that in relation to human life. A small part of my childhood, and my children’s childhoods, died this week. And it has caused […]